28 Nov – 2 Dec 1993, Φ 15th General Assembly of ASPHER, Bielefeld, incl. NIS and HIA/GVP

28.11.- 2.12.1993, Association of Schools of Public Health in the European Region (ASPHER): International Scientific Meeting Continued Education in Public Health, 15th General Assembly of ASPHER: New Tasks for Public Health in Europe: New Structures! The Contribution of ASPHER to Implement the Treaty of Maastricht’s Public Health Dimension. University of Bielefeld, School of Public Health.

Organized by University of Bielefeld, School of Public Health, together with Society for Prevention and Health Promotion (GEP), Leverkusen and State Institute for Social Medicine & Public Health (IDIS), Bielefeld

Venue: Stadthalle Bielefeld

Own contributions / Eigene Beiträge:

In Session “Public Health in Europe: Research and Training” (1.12.1993, 14:00-17:30h): Health Aspects in Environmental Impact Assessments in Germany (Serwe H-J, Protoschill-Krebs G, Kobusch A-B, Fehr R) [93-18]

In Workshop “Computer Networks in Europe for Data Exchange in Public health” (28.11.1993, 9:00-12:30h): Environmental Health: Statewide Network of Local health Departments (Fehr R, Kobusch A-B, Kohn-Schulze E) [93-17]