4-20 Dec 1993, Φ San Francisco & Bay Area: Healthy Cities conference, Cal-EPA, ATSDR group, etc.

4.-20.12.1993, San Francisco & Bay Area: Healthy Cities conference, Cal-EPA, ATSDR group, etc.

4.12.93, Departure from Bielefeld; 5.12.93, Take-off from Frankfurt/Main; Arrival at San Francisco

6.-7.12.93, Preconference

8.-11.12.93, Healthy Cities conference

14.12.93, UCB, Warren Winkelstein; topics included IEEI

14.12.93, Cal-EPA (discussion ctd. from August 1993); topics included:

  • CAPCOA Air Toxics “Hot Spots” Program (1993): Revised 1992 Risk Assessment Guidelines assessments and their scientific rationale
  • PC program “Health Risk Assessment” (HRA)
  • CalTOX program: developed by T.McKone (Lawrence Livermoore National Laboratory), currently under review.

15.12.93, UCB, discussion topics included the recent Healthy Cities conference, 8.-11.12.93, (e.g. as an opportunity for contact between scientists and politicians); and advanced Environmental Health information management

15.12.93, ATSDR group, California Department of Health Services, Emeryville; topics included:

  • Public Health assessments (ATSDR-type); cf. the book by ATSDR: Public Health Risk Assessment, Lewis Publishers
  • EPA: Superfund Exposure Assessment Manual
  • Fact sheets (in English, Spanish) are being sent out to residents

19.12.93, Take-off from San Francisco; 20.12.93, Arrival Frankfurt/Main -> Bielefeld.