14-18 Jun 1994, Φ 14th Annual Meeting IAIA, Québec (CAN): 25 Years of IA: Looking back and projecting the future; incl. contribution on HIA

14.-18.6.1994, Φ 14th Annual Meeting of the International Association for Impact Assessment (IAIA), Québec City, Québec (CAN): 25 Years of Impact Assessment: Looking back and projecting the future.

Venue: Radisson Gouverneurs Hotel, Québec.

Own contribution / Eigener Beitrag:

  • Development of Health Impact Assessment in Environmental Impact Assessments in Germany (Kobusch A-B, Fehr R, Protoschill-Krebs G, Serwe H-J) Presenter / Vortragende: A.-B. Kobusch [94-03].