14-18 May 2001, Φ EcoInforma 2001: Environmental Risks & the Global Community, Argonne (IL, USA)

14.-18.5.2001, EcoInforma 2001: Environmental Risks & the Global Community – Strategies for Meeting the Challenges. Argonne National Laboratory, Argonne (IL, USA)

[Vgl. 18 Sep 1992: EcoInforma 1992 in Bayreuth]

00_32 Eco-Informa 2001_05_14-18a
00_32 Eco-Informa 2001_05_14-18a

Argonne National Laboratory – A U.S. Department of Energy Science Laboratory, 9700 South Cass Av., Argonne, IL 60439 … about 25 miles southwest of downtown Chicago … founded in 1946 as America’s first national laboratory … Major activities and research areas: Basic scientific research … Biotechnology and Environmental research … Energy Technology … Nuclear Reactor Technology and Non-Proliferation …

(1) Oral presentation in session III-5, Data management and information technology for the future: Fehr, R., Dora, C. (2001): Prospective impact assessment as a tool for Agenda 21 and Environmental Health action plans – Typology and criteria exemplified by 10 examples. [00-35]

(2) Poster platform session (Auditorium), Theme III: Environmental information in the 21st century: approaches and tools for better decisions.

  • Poster III-PP1 (incl. brief oral presentation): Fehr, R., Vogt, A., Hellmeier, W., Philippsen, D., Queste, A., Enderle, M. (2001): Local Environmental Health analysis as a tool for policy-making, exemplified by “transport, environment and health” in the City of Bielefeld. [00-34]
  • Poster III-P1: Fehr, R., Queste, A., Wolf, U., Hellmeier, W. (2001): Derivation of quantitative health targets from surveillance information. [00-33]

Poster III-P2: Mekel, O.C.L., Fehr, R., Mosbach-Schulz, O., Schümann, M. (2001): Standards for human exposure assessment using probabilistic modelling – a contribution to good practice in risk assessment. [00-32]

(3) Co-chairing (with Kristina Voigt, GSF) session III-3: Internet applications for integrated decisions.

  • 1 European environmental information resources on the Web. Werner Pillmann, International Society for Environmental Protection, Austria
  • 2 Generation and use of large Web-based environmental information systems. Werner Geiger, Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe Germany
  • 3 Management of data in an exabyte world. Ethel Jacob, US Department of Energy Environmental Measurements Laboratory, NY
  • 4 Internet-based corporate environmental reporting by companies: technical benefits, empirical findings, ICT architecture. Christian Lenz, University of Kaiserslautern, Germany
  • 5 Internet applications to support the EIS process: a case study. Robert Sullivan, Argonne National Laboratory, IL