22-28 Oct 2010, Φ England

22.-26.10.10 London

23 Oct 2010, Φ London: Fußgang von Westminister entlang der Jubilee Underground Line bis Canada Water; Mortalitätsgradient: pro Haltestelle ca. 1 Lebensjahr

100 Union Street: Urban Orchard project

Considerate Constructors

24 Oct 2010, Φ Fortsetzung des Fußgangs (Dockland Light Rail ->) Canning Town

London-Newham. “London was the main target for German bombing during World WarII (1939-1945). Canning Town and Custom House suffered  especially heavy bombing…”

Mind the gap

24 Oct 2010, London: North Greenwich, Canary Wharf / Isle of Dogs; Thames path bis Wapping

25 Oct 2010, Φ Cambridge (RAND Co.); Trinity College mit Wren Library (completed in 1695), www.trin.cam.ac.uk/library

26.10.10 German Historical Institute

27.10.10 Oxford; Wadham College, www.wadham.ox.ac.uk/

Oxford walks:

Manley D, Opher p (1991/2010): The Oxford of  Alice and Lewis Carroll. A guided walk following in the footsteps of Alice Liddell, Charles Dodgson and Isa Bowman. Heritage Tours Publication, Oxford.

  • Route 1: Christ Church and beyond (p.4ff), incl. Hiawatha photographing, Picture Gallery, Christ Church Cathedral, Belfry, Great Hall, The Meadow, Botanic Garden, Old Ashmolean, University Museum of Natural History
  • [Route 2: The journey to Godstow (p.26ff)]
  • [Route 3: The long walk (p.31-2)]

28.10.10 Rückreise nach D