7-8 Nov 2011, Φ Polish EU Presidency conference Solidarity in health / Solidarność w zdrowiu, Poznan (PL)

2011_11_07-08 Solidarity in healthPolish European Union Presidency conference “Solidarity in health. Closing the health gap between European Union States”, 7–8 November 2011, in Poznań


  • Plenary sessions, incl. “From science to policy” (incl. Helmut Brand, Peter Boyle, Sir Michael Marmot); “How to close the health gap between European Union States
  • Parallel sessions, incl. “European successes in Public Health”, “The role of local government in health promotion”


  • Plenary session, incl. “Halving premature mortality” (Sir Richard Peto)
  • Parallel sessions, incl. “Implementing HIA: Implications for national and EU level”, (i) Opening / chair: Walter Ricciardi, (ii) How can Health Impact Assessment support Health in All Policies? A policy brief document (Matthias Wismar), (iii) Health Impact Assessment – towards reducing the health gap in Europe (Gabriel Gulis), (iv) Panel discussion: Assessing benefits and opportunities to improve assessment of health impacts of intersectoral policies; Institutionalization of HIA and legal obligations of use – yes or no? Development and strengthening capacities for effective use of HIA in the development of policies (Josep Figueras – moderator, Roberto Bertollini, Rainer Fehr, lsabel de la Mata, Pekka Puska, Walter Ricciardi, Cezary Wodarczyk), (v) Conclusions – Closing Session (Adam Fronczak, Stanislaw Tarkowski) [11-41]

Summary paper (Gabriel Gulis, Rainer Fehr): Health impact assessment – Toward reducing the health gap in Europe (Submitted for inclusion into a meeting report): 2011_12_06 Poznan HIA GG + RF

WHO/Europe, www.euro.who.int/en/health-topics/Health-systems/public-health-services/news/news/2011/11/whoeurope-invites-partners-to-develop-european-action-plan-on-public-health: “WHO/Europe invites partners to develop European action plan on public health. … ‘WHO is actively seeking partnerships for action to strengthen public health in Europe,’ stated Dr Hans Kluge, Director of the Division of Health Systems and Public Health at WHO/Europe, at a Polish European Union Presidency conference last week. The aim of the conference … was not only to draw attention to the importance of solidarity in health, but also to discuss measures to reduce inequalities … WHO/Europe is developing a new European action plan on public health, a cornerstone of Health 2020, and is seeking partners to jointly develop and implement the plan”.