14-16 Nov 2013, Φ Bruxelles: European Public Health conference

European Public Health Association (EUPHA), Association of Schools of Public Health in the European Region (ASPHER), Belgian Association of Public Health (BAPH): 6th European Public Health conference – Health in Europe: are we there yet? Learning from the past, building the future, Brussels, 14-16 Nov 2013

  • 13_16-uh-poster-2013_11_06Presentation: HIA supports ‘‘Health in all policies’’, M Wismar, J Kemm, R Fehr
  • Presentation: Health-inclusive Impact Assessments, M Martuzzi, J Nowacki, F Viliani, R Fehr
  • Presentation: Health Technology Assessment (HTA) and Health impact Assessment (HIA) – Opportunities for mutual benefit, W Ricciardi, R Fehr
  • Poster presentation: Promoting ‘‘Urban Health’’ across scientific disciplines and societal sectors, R Fehr, S Baumgart, C Hornberg, J Knieling, M Macher, U Schneidewind, S Zerbe, 13_16-uh-poster-2013_11_06
  • Presentation: Health foresight – A survey on quantifying tools, R Fehr, O Mekel, F Hurley, J Mackenbach
  • Poster session P.5: Health inequalities 1, moderation: R Fehr