5-7 Mar 2014, Φ Manchester: 11th Int Urban Health conference

11th International Conference on Urban Health (ICUH 2014), 4-7 Mar 2014, Manchester, UK

Work Streams and Work Domains:

  • Transdisciplinarity, incl.: Urban Health Metrics, Urban Planning and Architecture, Environmental Urban health, Healthy Cities, Transdisciplinarity in urban health
  • Society, incl. Citizens’ Engagement / Engaging the Public in looking after health, Health Economics, Policymaking and political leadership for action on urban health / Governance
  • Global Health and Humanitarian Risk, incl. Emergency Humanitarian Assistance, Global Health: Policy and Practice, Global Women’s Health, Urban Risk and Humanitarian Response: Stress and The City, Urban Risk and Humanitarian Response: Climate change and urban insecurities
  • Health Opportunities, incl. Blood Borne Viruses in Urban Areas, Drug Users: Outcomes, Evidence and Policy, Stratified Medicine, Biomarkers and Population Health.

Workshop „Building bridges across disciplines and sectors in European countries“

Rainer Fehr (coord.), Catalina Chamorro, Carlo Signorelli, Gérard Salem

Urban governance needs to react to multiple ongoing changes, e.g. climate / demographic / technological. Multiple scientific disciplines and societal sectors involved are strongly challenged regarding communication, prioritization of issues, and balancing of interests.

This is particularly true of urban health where the stakes are high, subtopics and actors are numerous, and evidence is sometimes ambiguous. To ensure an adequate place for health in the urban agenda requires comprehensive and persistent efforts.

The workshop aim, beyond mutual learning, is to identify common ground for potential joint future activities. The workshop provides examples of transdisciplinary approaches to urban health from various regions and countries, including the building of (procedural, instrumental etc.) bridges across disciplines and sectors:

  • Promoting healthy places and cities. The experience of the Barcelona Provincial Council
  • The professional and scientific interaction between medical doctors and architects. The 20-year experience at the Politecnico di Milano
  • A systemic approach of urban health dynamics – Experiences from French as well as international urban health studies
  • Initiative for promoting urban health in Germany [pdf file].