25 Aug 2016, Φ Epidemiologia e Prevenzione (e&p) editorial: Healing environment and urban health

The current issue of Epidemiologia e Prevenzione (e&p) – Rivista dell’ Associazione italiana di epidemiologia features the following editorial: “Healing environment and urban health – Promozione della salute nei contesti urbani: l’approccio urban health”, including 15 references / In der aktuellen Ausgabe der italienischen Fachzeitschrift “Epidemiologie & Prävention” findet sich folgendes Editorial: “Gesundheitsförderung im städtischen Kontext: StadtGesundheit“, mit 15 Literaturangaben.

Authors / Autoren: Rainer Fehr, Department of Public Health, University of Bielefeld (Germany); Stefano Capolongo, Department of Architecture, Built environment and Construction engineering (ABC), University ”Politecnico di Milano”, Milan (Italy).

Summary – Riassunto / Zusammenfassung: In a very brief definition, urban health denotes the application of the public health concept and methods to urban processes and situations. The urban health approach looks at urban populations, systems, and environment through what has been called the “health prism” or “health lens”. In other words, it focuses on health (promotion), disease (prevention), and the numerous interrelations with urban factors. In a complementarily manner, for health professionals, who commonly think in health terms, urban health introduces “urban lens” which reveals a plethora of innovative ways to tackle population health and sustainability of welfare systems.

Publication / Quelle: Epidemiol Prev 40 (3-4):151-2, May-August 2016, doi: 10.19191/EP16.3-4.P151.080, www.epiprev.it/pubblicazione/epidemiol-prev-2016-40-3-4 (free download of pdf file / pdf-Datei kostenlos herunterzuladen).

Selected (English-language) articles of interest in this issue / Auswahl einschlägiger Artikel (auf Englisch) in dieser Ausgabe:

  • Daniela D’Alessandro, Letizia Appolloni, Lorenzo Capasso: How walkable is the city? Application of the Walking Suitability Index of the Territory (T-WSI) to the city of Rieti (Lazio Region, Central Italy) – Quanto è pedonale la città? Applicazione dell’indice di idoneità territoriale al cammino (T-WSI) alla città di Rieti
  • Alessandra Oppio, Marta Bottero, Giulio Giordano, Andrea Arcidiacono: A multi-methodological evaluation approach for assessing the impact of neighbourhood quality on public health – Valutare l’impatto della qualità urbana sulla salute pubblica: un approccio multimetodologico
  • Stefano Capolongo, Nina Lemaire,Alessandra Oppio, Maddalena Buffoli, Anne Roue Le Gall: Action planning for healthy cities: the role of multi-criteria analysis, developed in Italy and France, for assessing health performances in land-use plans and urban development projects – Pianificazione urbana per città sane: sistemi di valutazione multicriteriale, elaborati in Italia e Francia, per includere gli aspetti sanitari nei piani e progetti urbani.