10 Nov 2016, Φ Wien/Vienna Pre-conference: Evidence-based Public Health

(Participation / Teilnahme)

Preceding the 9th European Public Health (EPH) conference in Vienna, there was a pre-conference /  Im Vorfeld der 9. Europäischen Public Health-Konferenz in Wien erfolgte eine Vorkonferenz:

Evidence-based Public Health – decision-support for health (care) policy, https://ephconference.eu/2016-pre-conference-programme-239.

This pre-conference was organized by the Ludwig Boltzmann Institut – Health Technology Assessment (LBI-HTA) (http://hta.lbg.ac.at/page/homepage/en), in cooperation with EUPHA’s HTA section / Diese Vorkonferenz wurd organisiert vom Ludwig Boltzmann Institut – Health Technology Assessment (LBI-HTA) (http://hta.lbg.ac.at/page/homepage), in Kooperation mit der EUPHA-Sektion HTA.

Part I: Evidence-based Public Health: contribution of different organisations

Part II: Evidence generation for complex interventions

From the abstract: “These interventions represent a research field, where public health and HTA expertise are of utmost importance to overcome methodological challenges”

  • Introduction: What is a complex intervention? (Elizabeth Goyder)
  • Systematic reviews of complex interventions (Mark Petticrew)
  • Experiences with Overviews of Reviews of complex interventions (Roman Winkler)

The pre-conference included discussions on the project “Integrated assessment of complex health technologies” (INTEGRA-HTA), funded within the EU 7th Framework Programm, www.integrate-hta.eu/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/Guidance-for-the-Assessment-of-Context-and-Implementation-in-HTA-and-Systematic-Reviews-of-Complex-Interventions-The-Co.pdf