12 Nov 2016, Φ Workshop: Health assessments in support of decision-making

Reflections are essential

9th European Public Health (EPH) conference, Vienna, [updated:] https://ephconference.eu/conference-2016-vienna-48

Workshop 10.K: Health assessments in support of decision-making

Organized by EUPHA sections Health Impact Assessment (HIA), Health Services Research, Public Health Economics, Public Health Practice and Policy; WHO; chairs: Rainer Fehr – Germany, Piedad Martin-Olmedo – Spain


  • Health Systems Performance Assessment. Judith de Jong (NIVEL, NL), presented by Tit Albreht (NIPH, SVN),  Presentation: PDF
  • Do economic evaluations add value to health assessments in the decision-making process? Tek-Ang Lim (Santé publique France, FR), Presentation: PDF
  • Evidence-informed Policy-making – Where is the place for health assessments? Tim Nguyen (WHO EURO)
  • Fostering receptive policy settings for Health Assessments: power, process, and personality. Marleen Bekker (Radboud U & Maastricht U, NL), Presentation: PDF
  • Public health leadership and training opportunities for health assessments. Martin Mengel (Agence de Medicine preventive, FR), KM Czabanowska (Maastricht U, NL), Presentation: PDF

From the workshop abstract:

The commissioning, production, and utilization of health assessments of various types (assessment of status/impact/ technology/systems performance) is part of the working routine within the health sector and in other sectors, e.g. environment or economy. Such assessments, in the future, may be recognized for securing best use of evidence for decision-making. From this perspective, they should be included into Public Health curricula on a regular basis, preferably in an integrated way. Similarly, ways should be explored to advance various types of assessments in joint projects, thus fostering useful ‘‘co-evolution’’.

Key messages:

  • Based on 2014 & 2015 predecessors, the workshop illustrates how health assessments gain shape and visibility for evidence-based policy-making, both within and beyond the health sector
  • The integrative notion of health assessments calls for novel, practice-based approaches for educational curricula, and can add significantly to the development of Public Health leadership.