3 Jun 2017, Φ „Health assessments for health governance” published online in EJPH

Today, the paper “Health assessments for health governance – Concepts and methodologies” was published online in the European Journal of Public Health (EJPH) / Das Paper “Health assessments for health governance – Concepts and methodologies” wurde heute im European Journal of Public Health (EJPH) veröffentlicht.

Authors / Autoren: Fehr, Alexanderson, Favaretti, de Jong, La Torre, Lim, Martin Olmedo, Mekel, Michelsen, Rosenkötter, Verschuuren, de Waure, Zeegers Paget. – For authors’ affiliations, cf. / Für institutionelle Zugehörigkeiten siehe: 25 Apr 2017.

Using long-term groundwork , the paper was produced by an initiative within the European Public Health Association (EUPHA), involving the following EUPHA sections / Unter Nutzung langjähriger Vorarbeiten entstand der Beitrag im Rahmen einer Initiative innerhalb der European Public Health Association (EUPHA) mit folgenden EUPHA-Sektionen: Public Health Epidemiology; Public Health Monitoring & Reporting; Health Impact Assessment; Health Services Research; Health Technology Assessment; Public Health Practice and Policy; Public Health Economics.


Article (free access):

From the abstract / Aus dem Abstract:

  • Aims: To identify what various types of health assessment have in common; how they differ; which assessment(s) to apply for which purpose; and what needs and options there are for future joint development.
  • Methods: This review is based on five types of health assessment: monitoring/surveillance/reporting, assessment of health impact, of health technology, of health systems performance, health-related economic assessment…
  • Conclusions: Although scientific soundness of health assessments is not trivial to secure, existing types of health assessment can be interpreted as a useful ‘toolkit’ for supporting governance. If current traces of ‘silo’ thinking can be overcome, … such assessments might … be recognized as a … ‘tried and tested’ way to voice Public Health knowledge and to support rational governance and policy-making.

The publication includes 2 tables and 1 figure / Die Publikation enthält 2 Tabellen und 1 Abbildung:

  • Table 1 Selected initiatives dealing with the role of evidence for policy- and/or decision-making
  • Table 2 Sixteen Comparative criteria used in this study
  • Figure 1 Simplified decision tree, differentiating between four types of health assessment.

It is accompanied by 2 supplementary boxes and 7 supplementary tables which can be accessed online (via “Views – Supplementary data”); selected contents / Das online (via “Views – Supplementary data”) verfügbare Ergänzungsmaterial umfasst 2 Textboxen und 7 Tabellen; es behandelt u.a. folgende Themen:

  • (Key) References and links
  • Definitions and goals
  • History and legal basis of Health Assessments
  • Health assessment projects and practice examples
  • Procedures, and methods applied in health assessments
  • Resources: tools, guidelines, gateways
  • Infrastructure, actors, referent institutions.