22 Nov 2019, Φ Marseille EPH conf contribut: “Building bridges – Sustainable Urban Health in Hamburg”

2019_11_21 Marseille: EPH conf
2019_11_21 Marseille: EPH conf

22.11.2019, Marseille: Workshop “Healthy Places” (4.O)

12th European Public Health Conference: Building bridges for solidarity and public health. – Marseille Chanot, Palais des Congrès et des Expositions

Workshop format: pitch presentations, limited to 5 slides per presentation.

Our presentation:

Building bridges: Sustainable Urban Health in Hamburg

R Fehr 1, A Trojan 2, C Hornberg 1 [19-08]; 1 Fakultät Gesundheitswissenschaften, Bielefeld University, Bielefeld, Germany, 2 Medizinische Soziologie, Hamburg University, Hamburg, Germany

Abstract: European Journal of Public Health, Volume 29, Issue Supplement_4, November 2019, Published: 13 November 2019, https://doi.org/10.1093/eurpub/ckz185.320

From the abstract: Issue: … For sustainably securing and promoting human health in the urban setting, a multitude of urban systems, fierce dynamics, and systemic interactions need to be considered. The goal is to provide an integrative view of Sustainable Urban Health, i.e. capturing the “forest” instead of merely the “trees”. … A theory-based Sustainable Urban Health (SUH) approach, starting out from the Human ecology perspective, provides a framework … Methods … As for results, there is a comprehensive account of Hamburg SUH, including history, health status, governance, health care, rehabilitation, prevention and health promotion, “health in all policies…, and current integrative community projects. 100 authors delivered c.70 contributions. Activities around “health” are shown to constitute a remarkable element of urban culture … To take the issue forward in civic society, one venerable Hamburg NGO (founded in 1765) now established a SUH working group. Conclusions: … This “no regrets” approach meets with interest also in civic society. Once it is applied in multiple cities, innovative concepts and efforts can be compared easily, and get locally adjusted, for further strengthening SUH.

Main message 1: Sustainable Urban Health (SUH), based on Human ecology, is an integrative “no regrets” approach and can cooperatively be applied anywhere, informing and guiding professionals and civic society. Main message 2: Even where activities around “health” constitute a remarkable element of urban culture, there is room for improvement, e.g. quality assurance on systems level, and more focus on sustainability.

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