19 May 2021, Φ European Public Health Week, 17-21 May, incl. “Your local community”, with Photo elicitation community project

19.5.2021, European Public Health Week, 17-21 May, incl. “Your local community”, with Photo elicitation community project

The third edition of the European Public Health Week (EUPHW, https://eupha.org/euphw), organized by the European Public Health Organization (EUPHA, https://eupha.org) started two days ago. It includes >200 events, organised by 40 countries in 19 languages. The aims are to “Make the case for public health and a more inclusive society across Europe; Raise awareness […] on five specific public health themes […]; Create trust and innovative ways of collaboration among all professionals contributing to public health at local, national, regional and European level.

The themes for the 2021 edition are: Communicating science and health; New challenges in mental health; Your local community; All for one health; Leaving no one behind.

Theme: Your local community (19 May 2021)

Includes, among others: Webinar “Local spaces and places – How healthy is your city?”; Session “Transferring European Good Practices locally: SEEEPHI Project”; and Photo elicitation community project.

Materials provided (https://eupha.org/your_local_community) include:

  • 11 key messages, e.g.: “Voices of citizens demanding better health can make a big difference in supporting decision makers to make the right choices”; “Healthier urban environments will be key to achieving the SDGs and a more equitable, sustainable and prosperous world”
  • 10 facts & figures, e.g.: “Cities are the closest level of government to the people. Municipal governments work most closely with people, including vulnerable groups …”; “The importance of urban space reorganization has become evident for people’s lives outdoors and for physical distancing. Cities need more green and blue spaces and a renewed system of healthy transport”
  • 10 links to specific resources, e.g.: UN Habitat’s “Integrating health in urban and territorial planning”: https://unhabitat.org/integrating-health-in-urban-and-territorial-planning-a-sourcebook-for-urban-leaders-health-and; Public Health Scotland: Place Standard Tool – How good is your place? https://www.placestandard.scot/

Photo elicitation community project

  • As part of the EPH Week 2021, EUPHA’s Urban Public Health section shares a photographic gallery, concerning influences on health in local communities.
  • The photos, contributed by section members, relate to a range of communities across Europe and beyond and are accompanied by explanations of where the contributor feels it impacts on the health of the community.
  • 26 communities: Germany (Hamburg; and Ruhr Metropolitan region), Greece (1 community), Hungary (1), Italy (1), The Netherlands (1), Nigeria (1 community – 5 topics), Norway (1 community), Portugal (2), Sierra Leone (1), Spain (12), United Kingdom (3).

At a later point in time, the Hamburg photos contributed to the project will be made available at my website. For the time being, please visit: https://rise.articulate.com/share/1NZ67TvNiMpg_cudkTttAt2SEs0GxoNG#/.