1997ff Health modeling and prognostics

Fehr & Mekel 2010 Quantifying health impacts LIGA_Fokus 11 titelHealth modeling, prognostics / Gesundheits-Modellierung, Prognostik

Examples / Beispiele:

Quantitative Risk Assessment: Living on a brownfield; estimating the exposure via modelling  / Quantitative Risikoanalyse: Wohnen auf einer Altlast; Expositionsabschätzung durch Modellierung (Mekel, Nolte, Fehr: QRA-Projekt Bericht II, 1997; Reihe Materialien Umwelt und Gesundheit Nr. 52, Okt. 2004)

Quantitative Risk Assessment: Exposure modeling vs. Human biomonitoring – examplified by Dioxins and Furanes  / Quantitative Risikoanalyse: Expositionsmodellierung vs. Human-Biomonitoring am Beispiel von Dioxinen und Furanen (Mekel & Fehr: QRA-Projekt Bericht VII, 2000; Reihe Materialien Umwelt und Gesundheit Nr. 55, Okt. 2004)

Quantitative Risk Assessment: Impact Assessment of traffic-related air pollution – Attempt to apply the method of the 3 country study to NRW / Quantitative Risikoanalyse: Folgeabschätzung straßenverkehrsbedingter Luftverunreinigung – Versuch einer Übertragung der Methode der 3Länderstudie auf NRW (Heuer, Mekel, Fehr: QRA-Projekt Bericht 10, 2002)

UBA-funded Project “Evaluation of standards and models for probabilistic exposure estimation” (Xprob) – Report series 2007 / UBA-gefördertes Projekt “Evaluation von Standards und Modellen zur probabilistischen Expositionsabschätzung” (Xprob) – Berichtsserie 2007

Burden of Disease (BoD), Environmental Burden of Disease (EBD) / (Umweltbezogene) Krankheitslast

Modeling the burden of disease NRW / Modellierung der NRW-Krankheitslast:

Health Impact Quantification

2010 Scientific expert workshop: Quantifying the health impacts of policies – Principles, methods, and models. Düsseldorf, 16-17 March 2010. LIGA.Fokus 11 and Suppl.

2011 International composite workshop 13. April 2011, preceding the 11th HIA International Conference in Granada (Andalusia), 14.-15. April 2011. This workshop, held in coordination with the World Health Organization (WHO), was organized by:

  • NRW Institute of Health and Work (LIGA.NRW) / WHO Collaborating Center on Regional Health Policy and Public Health (Bielefeld)
  • Erasmus Medical Center (EMC) University of Rotterdam
  • Institute of Ocupational Medicine (IOM, Edinburgh).

In the morning, there were two parallel workshops on Health Impact quantification toolkits: (i) DYNAMO HIA hands on training, EMC Rotterdam, (ii) INTARESE / HEIMTSA toolbox, IOM Edinburgh. In the afternoon, there was a joint workshop: Status and perspectives.

Fehr, R., Hurley, F., Mekel, O.C.L., Mackenbach, J.P. (2012): Quantitative health impact assessment: taking stock and moving forward. J Epidemiol Community Health 66 (12), pp.1088-91, Paper abstract: http://jech.bmj.com/content/early/2012/07/06/jech-2011-200835.abstract

Toolmaker survey (paper accepted for publication)

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