1996ff Cooperation with WHO, incl. PHASE

Cooperation with the World Health Organization (WHO) / Zusammenarbeit mit der Weltgesundheitsorganisation (WHO)

Cooperation with WHO branches / Zusammenarbeit mit folgenden Zweigen der WHO:

  • WHO Headquarters, Geneva: HIA
  • WHO Regional Office for Europe, Copenhagen
  • WHO European Center for Environment and Health: Bilthoven, then Rome, then Bonn, incl. Family of Impact Assessments; Health Impact Assessment (HIA), Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) et al.
  • Former WHO European Center for Health Policy, Brussels: Health Impact Assessment (HIA)
  • WHO Office Venice: Regions for Health (RHN) network
  • WHO Office Kobe: Urban Health
  • European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies, which is partnership between WHO and several governments, banks and other institutions

Active participation in WHO conferences / Aktive Teilnahme an WHO-Konferenzen:

  • 1996 WHO Consultation Meeting on preparation of National Environmental Health Action Plans (NEHPAs), Robert-Koch-Institut, Berlin, 16.-18.1.1996 / WHO-Beratungstagung über die Ausarbeitung nationaler Aktionsprogramme Umwelt und Gesundheit
  • 1999 Leo Kaprio workshop on Health Impact Assessment, Göteborg (SE)
  • 1999 WHO & International Labor Organisation (ILO) consultation: Methods for Health Impact Assessment in Enviromental and Occupational Health, Geneva (CH), (Report by H. Pastides & C. Corvalán)
  • 2010 World Health Day (Geneva, CH): “1000 cities, 1000 lives”; participation in Geneva with poster presentation
  • 2010 5th European Ministerial Conference on Environment and Health (Parma, I), 10-12 March 2010; contributing to side event organized by WHO Regions for Health Network
  • 2010 Think tank meeting on Regions for Health (RHN) meeting, WHO Venice, 29-30 March 2010
  • 2011 Regions for Health Meeting, Edinburgh, 27-29 March 2011
  • 2012 Expert Consultation on Health Indicators for Rio+20 Discussions and Decisions. Geneva
  • 2012 Capacity building on Environment and Health – Training course, Riga, 19-23 March 2012
  • 2012 Expert Consultation on Environment and Health Priorities for the European Region. Bonn, 3-4 July 2012
  • 2013 8th Global Conference on Health Promotion (Helsinki, FI, 10-14 June 2013), chairing the session „Impact Assessment as a tool to implement Health in all Policies“
  • 2015 WHO Workshop „Health in Impact Assessments (IAs)“, Bonn, 24-25 Sept 2015;  workshop chair

Roles / Rollen:

  • Temporal advisor, e.g. on (i) Transport, environment and health, (ii) health in SEA directive
  • Head, WHO Collaborating Center for Regional Health Policy at LIGA.NRW
  • Workshop and meeting participation, contributions, chairing
  • Project partner, e.g. PHASE, ENHIS, HIA effectiveness
  • Author/editor of contributions and publications

Products / Produkte:

  • 1999 “Networking the networks – GIS visualization of German cities, regions and schools participating in WHO networks, 1999
  • 1999 Environmental health surveillance – Results of an international workshop, 11-12 March 1997 at the University of Bielefeld
  • 2003 Contribution on Drinking water privatization HIA, in: Bulletin of the WHO
  • 2014 “Health in Impact Assessments” (WHO. EUPHA, IAIA / R. Fehr, F. Viliani, J. Nowacki, M. Martuzzi)

See also: Dep. of Prevention and Innovation, with LIGA.NRW as WHO Collaborating Center on Regional Health Policy

(Rev 27 Jan 2021)