4 Oct 1969, Birmingham: Lokal-geographische Exkursionen

Birmingham: Lokal-geographische Exkursionen

4 Oct 1969, (A) A transect across the original site of Birmingham and part of the inner ring

  • Theme and purpose: To illustrate and examine some characteristics and problems of the innermost districts of a large city.
  • Route: Bull Ring – Digbeth – Floodgate St. – Fazeley St. – Heath Mill Lane – Hich Street Deritend – High Street – Bordesley – Camp Hill.
  • … River Rea … “The Crown Inn” … This fine half-timbered building is the only remaining example in the whole inner district which gives an indication of the Mediaeval character of Birmingham… (c. 1386) …

8 Oct 1969, (B) The Cole Valley. A study of settlement and use

  • The River Cole “provided power for 13 watermills, and its tributaries served 8 or 9 more”.
  • River ford.

15 Oct 1969, (G) The Nechells Green Comprehensive Development Area (C.D.A.), Birmingham

  • Theme: The character of the Nechells Green C.D.A., and the concepts behind its structure.
  • Purpose: To investigate the problems facing high-density developments in the inner districts of industrial cities.

Lit.: The Birmingham Branch Geographical Association (1968): Selected geographical excursions and fieldwork projects in the West Midlands. Series: Field studies in the West Midlands, vol. 1