18 Nov (and 31 Dec) 2011, Haarlem, Teylers Museum: Claude Lorrain

18 Nov 2011, Haarlem, Teylers Museum: Claude Lorrain

Teylers Museum, Haarlem (NL), in collaboration with Louvre: Claude Lorrain, 29.9.2011-8.1.2012

Visits: 18.11.2011, 31.12.2011

Flyer: “Teylers Museum and the Musée du Louvre present the first comprehensive exhibition on Claude Lorrain … ever held in the Netherlands … Popes, kings and the entire European upper class competed to acquire his paintings of enchanting harbour cities and idyllic park landscapes full of references to the Classics … was the first painter to give the sun a central role in his work. His golden Italian light was famous all over the world … In England, landscaped gardens – including classical buildings – were created based on his paintings. Surprisingly, Claude Lorrain is not very well known in the Netherlands … 78 drawings, 13 paintings and four etchings … display his exceptional talent”.

Booklet / sections:

  • A wide range of teachers (incl. Agostino Tassi, Gottfried Wals)
  • Sunlight and everyday life
  • Topography (incl. painting: View of the Campo Vaccino, 1636)
  • First successes (incl. painting: Harbor with setting sun, 1639)
  • Drawing excursions (incl. drawing: View of Civitaveccia, 1638-39)
  • Tivoli and the Campagna
  • History and rural life (incl. painting: Landscape with dancing nymph and satyr, 1540-41)
  • The heroic landscape (incl. painting: Landscape with Apollo and the muses, known as Parnassus, 1652)
  • The final years (incl. painting: Apollo and the muses on Mount Parnassus, 1680)
  • Lorrain in mirror image
  • Teylers Museum & the Musée du Louvre
  • The Campagna versus parks
  • The English landscape garden

Book publication (in Dutch): Carel van Tuyll van Serooskerken, Michiel C. Plomp (2011): Claude Lorrain. Teylers Museum, Haarlem, W Books, Zwolle


  • Claude Lorrain: de tekenaar in de natuur
  • Leermeesters uit alle windrichtingen. De wording van de tekenaar Claude Lorrain
  • Claude Lorrain: een karakterisering van zijn tekeningen
  • De herkomst van de tekeningen in Haarelm en Parijs
  • Getekend door de tijd? De tekentechnieken van Claude Lorrain nader bekeken


  • Claude Lorrain; zijn leermeesters en tijdgenoten
  • Het begin: topografie van Rome
  • Eerste studies naar de natuur; eerste compositie-tekeningen
  • Het Campagna Boek
  • Het Tivoli Boek
  • Verhalen uit de Bijbel en de Antieke Oudheid
  • Het herolsche landschap
  • De laatste jaren

Synopsis: Claude paintings on display

p. / Nr.
Katalog p. /Abb. Nr. / LV Title, year
1. p.4, Nr. 1 p.186, Nr. 54, LV79 Landscape with shepherds, 1644 Grenoble
2. p.12, Nr. 17 p.122, Nr. 23 Landscape with figures wading in a stream, 1630-35 Rotterdam (Boijmans van Beuningen)
3. p.16, Nr. 25 p.111ff, Nr. 18 View of the Campo Vaccino, ca. 1636 Paris (Louvre)
4. p.18, Nr. 27 p.128f., Nr. 27 Harbour with setting sun, 1639 Paris (Louvre)
5. p.18, Nr. 28 p.128f., Nr. 26 The village party, 1639 Paris (Louvre)
6. p.20, Nr. 32 p.133f., Nr. 29 Landscape with the Holy Family resting during the flight into Egypt, 1636 Hamburg (on loan to Kunsthalle; from private collection New York)
7. p.21, Nr. 34 p.159, Nr. 41 Harbour view at sunrise, 1637-38 Amsterdam (Rijksmuseum)
8. p.29, Nr. 48 p.201f., Nr. 62, LV 69 Samuel anointing David, 1643 Paris (Louvre)
9. p.30, Nr. 50 p.182, Nr. 52, LV 55 Landscape with dancing nymph and satyr, 1640-41 Toledo (Ohio)
10. p.32, Nr. 54 p.216, Nr. 70 Sheep in the Campagna, 1656 (?) Vienna (Akademie der Bildenden Künste)
11. p.37, Nr. 63 p.237 f., Nr. 81, LV 126 Landscape with Apollo and the muses, known as Parnassus, 1652 Edinburgh (Nat. Galleries of Scotland)
12. p.41, Nr. 70 p.270f., Nr. 98, LV 184 Coastal landscape with Perseus and the origin of coral, 1673 Wells-next-the-Sea / Norfolk, Holkham Hall (Viscount Coke and Trustees of the Holkham Estate)
13. p.45, Nr. 78 p.275f., Nr. 100, LV 193 Apollo and the muses on Mount Parnassus, 1680 Boston (Fine Arts)
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