15-17 Oct 2015, Φ Milano (IT): 8th European Public Health conf

European Public Health Association (EUPHA) and Association of Schools of Public Health in the European Region (ASPHER): 8th European Public Health (EPH) Conference: Health in Europe – from global to local: policies, methods and practices / Europäische Public Health-Gesellschaft (EUPHA) und Verband der Schools of Public Health in Europa (ASPHER): 8. Europäische Public Health (EPH)-Konferenz: Gesundheit in Europa – von global bis lokal: Strategien, Methoden und Praxis

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  • Urban health practice in Hamburg (Germany) – Integrated view to support futureproofing of the city (Fehr, Stender, Fertmann, Lettau, Trojan, Hornberg)
  • Identifying major trends of health policy in a German city state – using hitherto neglected sources (Hornberg, Fehr)
  • Visualization practices in Urban Health (McCall, Hornberg, Fehr), pdf file
  • On the role of health assessments in public health practice and policy (Michelsen, Martin-Olmedo, Fehr)
  • Prospective Impact Assessment – Taking stimulation from, and giving it to, other types of assessment (Martuzzi, Martin-Olmedo, Mekel, Nowacki, Fehr)


  • 4.G. Pitch presentations (Track: Evidence and public health practice): Evidence from community-based public health programmes (with Ingrid Töws)
  • 5.D. Pitch presentations (Track: Research, evidence, action): Evidence from urban health research