31 Dec 2018, London: British Library

31 Dec 2018, British Library

96 Euston Rd., London NW1 2DB, www.bl.uk/

“The collection includes well over 150 million items … 3 million new items are added every year … Over 16,000 people use the collections each day (on site and online) … We operate the world’s largest document delivery service providing millions of items a year to customers all over the world…”

Pre- / Registration required; conditions of use; “Humanities 2” reading room.

  • Pattison, Mme. Mark (1884): Claude Lorrain, sa vie et ses œuvres, d’apès des documents inédits. Série: Bibliothèque Internationale de l’Art. J. Rouam, Imprimeur-Èditeur, Paris. BL-Shelfmark J/2266.aa.7
  • Bouyer, Raymond (1905): Claude Lorrain, Biographie critique. Série: Les Grands Artistes. Leur Vie – Leur Œuvre. Librairie Renouard, Paris. BL-Shelfmark 2266.bb.20
  • Accademia di Francia a Roma (1982): Claude Lorrain e i pittori lorenesi in Italia nel XVII secolo. De Luca Editore, Roma. BL-Shelfmark F11/3458.

Context: 3 Jan 2019, Φ Sojourn in London, 27 Dec 2018 – 3 Jan 2019