3 Jan 2019, Φ Sojourn in London, 27 Dec 2018 – 3 Jan 2019

3 Jan 2019, Φ Sojourn in London, 27 Dec 2018 – 3 Jan 2019


Also of interest:

  • German Gymnasium, ”constructed in 1864–65 for the German Gymnastics Society, a sporting association established in London in 1861”, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/German_Gymnasium%2C_London
  • Maison Berteau, maisonbertaux.com/
  • London Fireworks 2018/2019, Theme: “London is open.” Theme description: “Celebrating London’s relationship with Europe.” – “The fireworks display contained some political imagery relating to Brexit; the theme reflected London’s “relationship with Europe”, opening with the phrase “London is open” (which has been used by Mayor Sadiq Khan, … opponent of the UK’s exit from the European Union) spoken in multiple languages, and featured a sequence where the London Eye was lit in the colours of the flag of Europe…”, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_Year%27s_Eve_in_London

Cf. 4 Jan 2019, Φ London journey, outward (26-27 Dec 2018) and return (3-4 Jan 2019)