22-29 Dez 1969, Lake District; Leeds; York

22-29 Dez 1969, Lake District; Leeds; York

  • 22 Dez 1969, Busfahrt nach Windermere (12.5 Stunden).
  • Windermere Parish Church: “The parish church of Windermere, dedicated to St. Martin, is an ancient foundation, and there was a church on the same site as far back as 1203, but the present building dates substantially from 1483. It was rather drastically restored and enlarged in 1870-1873, and again repaired and re-decorated in 1959-1961.” Source: Thompsen BL (1966 / 1969): The parish church of St. Martin, Windermere. A history and guide. Parochial Church Council.
  • 23 Dez 1969, Busfahrt nach Keswick
  • 24 Dec 1969, Fähre über Lake Windermere; Kirche in Kendal
  • 25 Dec 1969, Besteigung des „Brant Fell“, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brant_Fell
  • 1969_12_28 York Film_Q 26a
    1969_12_28 York

    27 Dec 1969, Busfahrt nach Leeds

  • 28 Dez 1969, Busfahrt nach York.
  • York: The City Walls. “York is one of the few places where the medieval walls can be seen almost intact, and almost in their original state, except for alterations caused by repairs and traffic problems. Since the time of the Romans, who chose it as their Northern fortress because of its strategic position, York has been a walled city. The Multangular Tower […], which was probably built at the end of the 3rd or the beginning of the 4th century, and is situated in the Museum Gardens, shows us the durability of the Roman work. The present walls were built of stone brought from Tadcasterin the l3th century. Previously a wooden palisading had topped the earthen ramparts. Any enemy wishing to enter York in the Middle Ages found a formidable barrier before him. The walls were surrounded by a moat, which could be crossed only at the gateways by a drawbridge. Archers could be massed on the walls ready to shoot their arrows down on anyone daring to cross the moat or scale the steep earthen mound.” Source: Evans HJ (1970): City and county of the city of York. Official guide. Published by the Lord Mayor, Aldermen and Citizens of the City of York.
  • York: St. Cuthbert’s church
  • 29 Dez 1969, Rückfahrt nach Birmingham