10 Jun 2013, Φ Helsinki: 8th WHO Global Health Promotion conference

World Health Organisation (WHO): 8th Global Health Promotion conference: Health in all Policies, Helsinki, 9-14 Jun 2013, www.who.int/healthpromotion/conferences/8gchp/en/

This Conference was the latest in the WHO global conference series which began in Ottawa in 1986. It was co-hosted by WHO and the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, Finland. The main theme was “Health in All Policies” (HiAP) and its focus was on implementation, the “how-to”. It was structured around six themes:

  • Global policymaking for Health in All Policies (HiAP)
  • Implementation of HiAP – The political will and processes
  • Health promotion and closing the health equity gap
  • Economics and health and well-being
  • Social change for health
  • Building capacity for implementing HiAP.



Session: Impact assessment as a tool to implement Health in all Policies