27 Jan 2016, Φ Paper “HIA – survey on quantifying tools”

Our paper “Health impact assessment – a survey on quantifying tools“, jointly prepared with Odile Mekel (LZG.NRW Bielefeld), Fintan Hurley (IOM Edinburgh) and Johan Mackenbach (EMC Rotterdam), was accepted on 14 January 2016 by the editors for publication in “Environmental Impact Assessment Review” / Der gemeinsam mit Odile Mekel (LZG.NRW Bielefeld), Fintan Hurley (IOM Edinburgh) und Johan Mackenbach (EMC Rotterdam) vorbereitete Aufsatz “Health Impact Assessment – a survey on quantifying tools” wurde am 14. Januar 2016 zur Veröffentlichung in “Environmental Impact Assessment Review” akzeptiert.

13_06 HIA - Survey on quantif tools[Starting today, the paper is available online with free access for 50 days, i.e. until 17 March 2016 … / Ab heute ist der Aufsatz online zugänglich mit kostenfreiem Zugang für 50 Tage, d.h. bis 17. März 2016 …] – Expired / Abgelaufen.

Access / Zugang: pdf file (9 pages); web appendices A (5 pages), B (3 pages)

From the abstract: Integrating human health into prospective impact assessments is known to be challenging. […] Acknowledging the full range of participatory, qualitative, and quantitative approaches, this study focuses on the latter, especially on computational tools for quantitative health modelling. We conducted a survey among tool developers concerning the status quo of development and availability of such tools; experiences made with model usage in real-life situations; and priorities for further development. Responding toolmaker groups described 17 such tools […] There was high agreement among respondents on the need to further develop methods for assessment of inequalities and uncertainty. The contribution of quantitative modeling to health foresight would benefit from building joint strategies of further tool development […] and engaging continuously with actual and potential users.

Keywords: Health impact assessment; Health; Evidence; Foresight; Policy; Quantification